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By: - October 31, 2013

Check out my Blacklight Garage!

BMW 335xi in Blacklight Garage


Blacklight Garage Steps in Mancave

I have a halloween Projector that has different slides, I currently have a witch.  I leave it on 24/7.

Blacklight Room Fun

I have Halloween Parties in my Blacklight Garage Every Year!

Blacklight Halloween Garage Party

Check out a short video of one of my past Halloween parties:

My Blacklights are on motion detection, so I never have to worry about turning them on when I come home at night, or when I just walk into the room. And I don't have to worry about turning them off, as they turn off after 5 minutes of no motion.  Motion detection Blacklights are a must!

Motion Detection Blacklight Bulbs in Garage  

I chose the best blacklight posters I could find!

Halloween Decorations in Blacklight Gargage  

Blacklight Ghost Halloween Decoration next to my kitchen door:

Blacklight Halloween Decorations

Check out my Black Light Posters:

Psychedelic, Wizard, and Panther Blacklight Posters:

Blacklight Posters - Wizard - Panthar


Buddha, Skeleton Rock, and Dark Rider Blacklight Posters:

Blacklight Posters - Buddha, Skeleton Rock, Dark Rider

Cool looking Pirate Ghostship Blacklight Poster:

Blacklight Ghostship Poster

Mad Hatter Blacklight Poster from Alice and Wonderland:

Blacklight Mad Hatter Poster

This Blacklight Poster Will MESMERIZE you!

Psychedelic Blacklight Poster

More Trippy Blacklight Posters Above My Garage Door

Trippy Blacklight Posters

I had black concrete poured in just for my black light garage!

Blacklight Rave Party

I'm always trying to come up with more ideas for my blacklight garage.  Some things I am considering is a blacklight air hokey table.  I seen one at a movie theater before and took a picture. I would love to have something like this in my blacklight garage:

Blacklight Air Hokey Table for Mancave

If you guys have any suggestions for things I can put in my blacklight garage please write them below in the comments!  I would love to hear them!

Blacklightbulbs in Garage  

I keep my Halloween Decorations up all year round lol

Blacklight Party Mancave at Night

We have blacklight beer pong tables setup for parties.

Garage Party Room Ideas

I love my Blacklight Garage!  Very soon here I will have a professional blacklight psychedelic painting on the wall there (instead of those posters), I will update this page once I have it:

I love my Garage  

My Blacklight Garage During Daytime:

Blacklight Garage During Daytime

My car is a 2008 BMW 335xi Coupe

Blacklight Garage with Sunlight Shining in

Trick or Treating for halloween in my black light garage made every trick or treater amazed!

Trick or Treat at Halloween in my Blacklight Garage

For Halloween I was a Jedi Knight.  Oh, this is my light saber I used.  I highly recommend it, even just as a cool thing to own!  You will see me use it quite a bit on my Twitch Stream!

Light Saber trick or treat garage




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