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By: - November 26, 2013

Check out my Twitch.TV Setup for Playing Console Games

I finally got my LIVE streaming setup for Twitch.Tv.  I will be recording speed runs and hopefully submitting them to the SDA real soon here. My setup is SDA verified so I am good to go for that.  Took a few days for me to get it right.  I starting off trying to use my laptop, but then switched to a desktop PC that's a bit more powerful.  Everything is all set now!

What I had to do:
Hardware:  I had to setup a video amplifier splitter to split the video from my console to my PC and my 50'' LCD TV at the same time.  Im using this video capture device that allows me to get the game on my PC to record/stream.  I am also using this microphone, which sits right next to me.  I don't have to wear it and it actually records my voice very well along with any others in the room.  I am also using this this webcam.

Software:  Then I had to learn various software programs, Twitch (online streaming platform), XSplit (streaming application), AmaRecTV (video capture software) and Anri-chan (video encode program).

After all is said and done, we have this:

The PC Specs are:
i7 920

So yeah, go to my Twitch.tv page to learn more about what speed runs I am currently working on, and watch me LIVE when ever you feel like it :)  You can subscribe to my page and then you will be notified when ever I go live.




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