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By: June 15, 2017

The Benefits I Have Received From Water Fasting

Water FastingWater fasting is a tool I use myself occasionally to help improve my health.  This page will sum up all my experiences with water fasting over the years.  You might learn some tips yourself if you ever plan on partaking in a water fast of any kind.

Why do I water fast?

I water fast occasionally because of how efficient I feel it works to detoxify the body and mind.  I look at it as one of the most important things I do to improve my health.  Water fasting teaches you how your own body works and allows all your internal organs to rest and repair themselves quickly during the fast.

I do NOT do water fast for weight loss, even though it works great for that reason.

My water fasting timeline:

2011 - The year 2011 is the year that I transitioned from being a bodybuilder to basically a "health nut".  This is also the year I started doing water fasts.  I started doing only one day water fasts about once every 2 weeks.  Then I did a 2 day water fast after about 5 one day water fasts in 2011.  I noticed that one day fasts are incredibly powerful for clearing your body out, but 2 days really stepped it up another notch.  Unfortunately, deeper cleaning does not really happen with only a one or two day fast.

2012 - I did my first 3 day water fast.  I did this during the winter and I realize it was hard to do because of how cold I got on the 3rd day.  But I did experience a lot of cleansing stretching it to 3 days.

2013 - I did a 5 day water fast.  Broke my record by 2 extra days.  This was the water fast that healed my 6 year long knee problem that two of the top doctors at the Cleveland Clinic told me to get knee replacement surgery as the only option.  That knee problem was bothering me for a very long time as I could not put any strain on my right quad muscle due to my right knee hurting too much.

The 4th day into the water fast, I was laying down and it felt like all my joints were inflamed (like on fire or something).  I was like what is going on in my joints?  The next day I woke up and started moving around and I have never in my entire life felt so cleaned out with my joints.  As the day went on I realize I was able to put pressure on my right knee with no problems.  That was one of the happiest days of my life, realizing that nature just healed my 6 year long knee problem.  It felt like all my joints got lubrication or something as it felt there were no obstructions when moving around.

This 5 day water fast turned my into a believer in how effective it can be to heal yourself of many issues, especially joint issues.

One thing I learned about this water fast is to never do a long fast during the winter!  During the winter months it is very difficult to water fast because of how cold your body gets.  Plus not being able to absorb sun energy while fasting is really harsh too.

2014 - I only did a 3 day water fast, but I did it during the summer months, which made it a LOT easier to do.

2015 - I did a 4 day water fast during the summer.  And once again I felt how amazing it did of cleaning my joints out along with everything else.

2016 - I actually skipped this year and did not do any fasts over 1 day.

2017 (June) - I did an 8 day water fast!  This killed my record by 3 days.

It has now been a full week of rebounding from my 8 day water fast and wow was it a learning experience!  I beat my record of water fasting for 5 days (4 years ago).  I definitely feel like the 8 day water fast morphed me in many different positive ways.

Here are some key points of the 8 day water fast I recently did:

  • I lost 14 pounds of gunk and I feel so cleaned out! 149 pounds to 135 pounds.
  • My stomach shrank. I get full faster after eating and I now eat fewer calories every day easier.
  • I am making better food choices much easier because my tolerance for all the substances I was consuming before are gone.  It feels like starting your diet over from scratch.
  • I feel like water fasting is the secret tool for finding that perfect moderation of all substances you consume in your life.
  • After breaking the fast, I notice my body does not like sugar energy, especially from large amounts of fruits like pears, apples, mangoes, even water melon.
  • After breaking the fast, I notice my body loves fat energy, such as fats from meat, eggs, oils, nuts, and avocados.
  • My head feels WAY more clear and my thinking process seems smoother.
  • My entire nervous system seems more efficient and my sense of touch has been heightened.
  • 4 days into my water fast I switch to Fuji water. Once I did that, I noticed detoxification at a higher level than with Acme spring water.
  • The last 4 days of my water fast I woke up and took a big crap each day. This happened only once I switched to Fuji water.
  • The craps were the reason I decided to go another day (instead of 7 days).
  • Obtaining sun light during the week actually gave me a lot of great energy to go about my daily activities with virtually no problems.  This is something I was not able to do during the winter.
  • My joints feels more fluid and smooth moving.  I noticed that before with other 4+ day water fasts I did in the past.  In fact that 5 day water fast I did 4 years ago healed my 6 year long serious knee problem that 2 doctors at the Cleveland Clinic told me to get knee replacement surgery as the only option.
  • It is a lot easier to breath now.  A LOT easier.
  • My digestion/elimination has improved.
  • My eyes feel sharper.
  • I have been sleeping better.
  • I feel like I have more vigor than before.
  • It feels like I got a bit younger, and I feel more like a little kid again.
  • I literally feel like a totally different person with a totally different physical body.
  • I was amazed to see a rapid transformation is such a short period of time, of only 8 days of discipline.
  • I made a big mistake by consuming citrus juice on the first day I broke my water fast. That caused me to experience some bad symptoms, such as cracked lips and slight digestive pain.  I found out later that after about 4-5 days of eating no food, your body stops producing the fluids necessary to digest citrus.  Lesson learned on that.
  • I realize there is a lot to learn about how to break a week long water fast and I need to get books on that.
  • They say the longer you go on a water fast the more benefit you will get from it.  People commonly fast for 20 - 40 days. That sounds crazy to me!

Since I feel like this 8 day water fast has really benefited me, I have decided to make sure I do a week long water fast once every summer.  So I look forward to next summer's week long water fast.

Other interesting things and tips about Water Fasting

  • I have taught my roommate Matt how to water fast, and he utilized it to lose a 100 pounds and dramatically improve his health in just 6 months of intermittent water fasting.
  • If you plan on doing it yourself, please proceed with caution.  Start off like I did with only one day fasts and work your way up.  Listen to your body and stop the fast if you need to.  But keep in mind, a lot of pain you may experience during the fast could just be nature repairing yourself.  Your body will also release a lot of stored toxins into your bloodstream and your liver may have a field day of sorting through all that stored gunk in your body.  Because of this you may want to do a liver cleanse before doing a long water fast.
  • Water fasting also is the best way to remove unwanted visceral fat and hard to remove fats such as trans fats that is "caked" within the body.
  • Water fasting has the ability to dramatically improve the immune system.
  • My current decision on the maximum length I would do a water fast would be 14 days.  I feel that pushing it beyond that might cause some problems for me and I have no intention of going beyond that in the future.






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