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Overwatch Basics Guide
By: - Last Updated August 10, 2016

Overwatch Game Modes Overview
( FP's Overwatch Strategy Guide )

This guide will cover all the game modes within Overwatch and how they work.

Escorting the Payload

Overwatch Basics

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There are currently 3 game mode types in Overwatch:


Maps:  Dorado, Watchpoint: Gibraltar

On Payload maps, the team on Attack has to escort the payload from one side of the map to the other before the time limit runs out.  The team on Defend will win if they successfully stop the attackers from letting the payload reach it's final destination.  There are several checkpoints along the way on payload maps which will prevent the payload from moving backwards any further once no one is there to push it forward, plus check points will add more time to the match, giving the attackers more time to accomplish their payload goal.

If you are on attack and escorting the payload, it is important to have at least one hero on the payload to escort it, usually a tank.  Support and Defensive heroes will also typically stay around the payload to escort it as well.  Offensive heroes tend to have more flexibility to wonder around the map to flank and harass the enemy.

If there is an equal amount of players on Attack near the Payload as there is on Defense, the Payload will enter a "Contested" state, in which it will not move until there are more players on Attack than on Defense near the Payload.

As shown below, you can see how many heroes are escorting the payload with the X 1, 2, or 3 indicator.  You can also see how far the payload has traveled Vs how much longer it still has to travel with the red bar indicator:

Payload Progress Bar in Overwatch

For each hero near the payload it will move faster.  You can only have a max of 3 players escorting the payload, for any additional heroes it will not increase the speed.

For players on attack and escorting the payload, just being near it will heal you at a rate of +10 HP per second.  You will also gain +10 fire per second and you will see this indicator on your screen as well:


Payload's line of sight
Keep in mind that the Payload will NOT block the line of sight of every ability in the game.  Here is a rundown of various abilities and whether the Payload will block its line of sight:

Payloads will NOT block:

  • Lucio's Crossfade and Sound Barrier
  • Mei's Blizzard
  • Reinhardt's Earthshatter
  • Soldier 76's Biotic Field
  • Zenyata's Transcendence
  • Mercy's Resurrect

Payloads typically block everything else, but the most important ones you should be aware of are the following:

Payloads Block:

  • D.va's Self-Destruct
  • Junkrat's Rip-Tire

Payloads also act as an excellent shield for blocking basic fire power from the enemy.  Sometimes you will benefit from crouching behind a payload to provide even better protection from the payload.

Point Capture

Maps:  Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, and Volskaya Industries.

On Point Capture maps, the team on Attack has to take over a specific spot on the map for at least a short period of time.  The team on Defend will try and stop the attackers from taking over the capture points.  Each Point Capture map has 2 capture points, unless it is a hybrid map involving a payload as well (discussed later).  A capture point will have two checkpoints for capturing the objective.  If no attackers are capturing the objective then the progress bar will slowly go backwards to the current checkpoint.  Checkpoints are there to prevent the progress from going backwards any further.

Point Capture Interface

Point Capture and Payload Hybrid

Maps:  King's Row, Numbani, and Hollywood.

Some maps utilize both Point Capture and Payload.  Typically these maps start off as a point capture map and then turns into a payload map once the capture point has been accomplished.


Maps:  Lijiang Tower, Nepal, and Ilios.

For Control maps, both teams are trying to accomplish the same objective which is to take control over the map and then remain control of the map until they get all 100% of the objective done.  Only one team can take control of the map at a time by taking control of the map's objective area.  The objective area is the main place that both teams are trying to take control of.  A match is best of three rounds and each round takes place in a totally different area but within the same themed map.


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In This Guide:
Hero Introductions
Game Mechanics
Headshots Guide
Game Modes
Hitpoint Basics
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