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By: - December 11, 2015

Castlevania 4 Comes to a Close - My Next Project: Overwatch

Super Castlevania IV Box ArtAfter speedrunning Super Castlevania IV (CV4) for an average of 7 hours per day over 1.7 years (March 2014 - October 2015) and got the world record speed run time for it along with beating the game over a thousand times, I am officially moving on to a new project now.  This next project will not be speed running, it will be a totally different type of game.

My next project is called Overwatch (by Blizzard Entertainment). Overwatch is a 6vs6 arena FPS game. In the game, there are many heroes to choose from and they all have totally unique abilities that adds a lot of strategic depth to the game.  With Overwatch, I basically want to get as good as I can with it while also adding strategy guides for the game on my website.

CV4 was a very fun project for me and I am glad that I finally got that sub 32 for the game. CV4 amazed me by how far it got pushed down in time since I started running it, and the challenge it gave me was crazy. I may return to speedrunning something full time in the future again, but for now I am taking a long break from speedrunning in general. I know a sub 31:50 is definitely doable for CV4 and I will continue to play CV4 as a side project, as I may do some no reset speedruns for it occasionally, but Overwatch is going to be my main focus now.

I am excited about my new project as I have been aching to get back into first person shooters for awhile now. In the past I was addicted to FPS games like Quake, Half-life, CS, Doom, and others, so I do have plenty of experience with those types of games. Feel free to join me on my journey by watching me on Twitch.tv and stay updated with the latest strategies for Overwatch on my website!

NOTE:  You can visit the official website at PlayOverwatch.com to find out how to purchase a copy of the game so you can start playing as well.




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