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By: - June 25, 2016

Launch of the Members Area

Today is the day that my members area launches for my Overwatch Strategy Guide.  I have decided to include a members area for additional content as an option for a way to support the on going efforts and continuation of my Overwatch Strategy Guide.

I wanted to leave my site as "Donate" only, but I simply wasn't receiving enough support from that to continue working on my Overwatch guide day in and day out.  I am hoping that the members area will allow me to keep going full time on the continuation of my Overwatch guide, and if so, I will continue to provide the highest quality guides for Overwatch found on the web.  My goal is to provide a one stop place for all your Overwatch guide needs that covers all aspects of the game in detail without the fluff and filler found on many other guides out there.

Throughout my entire Overwatch guide you will find green links which are free guides and you will now find light blue links which are members area only guides.  To unlock all of these light blue links, you can become a member and you will always have access to these.

Currently, my members area includes:

  • Allied Synergy Guides for all heroes in the game.
  • Ultimates Visual/Audio Video Guide for Enemies & Allies.
  • Footstep Sounds Video Guide.
  • Hero DPS Chart.
  • Actual Weapon Reload States Video.
  • Genji's Mobile Possibilities Across All Maps (Videos).  This is the first video series of many more to come.
  • Widowmaker's Best Sniping Spots & Venom Mine Placements across all maps.
  • Symmetra's Best Sentry Turret & Teleporter Placements (Videos)

I have a lot more guides and videos planned for the future.  To get a glimpse of these future guides/videos you can see a more detailed list of what my members area currently contains along with what I will be working on as we go into the future with the order link down below.

Along with the members area content, I will continue providing free content on an ongoing basis as well.  I will be dividing my time up between these two areas.  Overwatch is going to be expanding in the future with more heroes and maps from Blizzard, so I will have plenty of work to do for you as we go into the future.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and you can check out the full sales link right here:


How To Order a Membership for my Overwatch Strategy Guide






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