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These are the many different ways to follow the updates, guides, new strategies, and blog posts regarding my Overwatch strategy guide:

Twitter - This is a very quick and convenient way of staying updated with my guide.
FaceBook - Similar to twitter, I will send new facebook posts for new guide updates.  In order to follow me on Facebook, all you have to do is click the "Like" button on my Facebook page, then all my new posts will be included in your timeline.
YouTube - This is where I will upload all my best videos to.  You will get the best Overwatch video strategies by subscribing to me on YouTube.
Twitch - This is different than the others. In case you didn't know, Twitch.TV is a Live streaming platform where gamers can stream their Live gameplay to the world.  People can interact and chat with the broadcaster.  So feel free to check me out on twitch and click the "Follow" button on my Twitch channel to be notified when I go live. Watch the making of my Overwatch Guide Live in person!  If you follow my personal twitter account you will also be notified when I go live on twitch.

Follow Furious Paul's Personal Accounts:

These are my normal accounts that I upload everything else to, such as my speedruns or any other info I feel like sharing with everyone.  Feel free to give these a follow as well.  These links are also on the top right corner of every page on my website:

My Personal Twitter - You can follow my regular twitter account to stay updated what Furious Paul is up to.  I don't tweet often, but I will tweet out important events related to the current projects I'm working on along with other things I may feel like tweeting.  Following this will also tell you when I go live on Twitch.TV.
Personal FaceBook - Similar to my personal twitter, I will post things about what I am up to and the projects I'm working on.  You will NOT be notified when I go live on twitch however.  In order to follow me on Facebook, all you have to do is click the "Like" button on my Facebook page, then all my new posts will be included in your timeline.
Personal YouTube - I generally upload speedruns for games I'm working on, or other works I do for certain games.  Sometimes I might upload videos of me doing something or explaining something.






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