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SNES - Castlevania 4
By: - June 14, 2017

My CV4 GDQ Experiences

I feel so honored to have played with and met the best Super Castlevania IV players from around the world at AGDQ 2015 as shown below:

The Masters of Super Castlevania IV
Super Castlevania IV Speedrunners
JoeDamillio, Just_Defend, Hanage_Belmondo, TheMexicanRunner, and me (FuriousPaul)

The AGDQ2015 experience was amazing for me.  It was my first time ever at a GDQ and it was really cool to meet all the speedrunners from Twitch and SDA/SRL.  Being able to to do a race of one of my all time favorite games with over 80k viewers was amazing!  Here is a video of the Super Castlevania IV race that me JoeDamillio, Just_Defend, and Hanage_Belmondo participated in:

Here is some more screenshots from the event that is CV4 related:

TMR and Hanage_Belmondo (Japanese player) shaking hands before the Super Castlevania IV race at AGDQ 2015. This is the only time you seen Hanage_Belmondo during the race:

Hanage_Belmondo and TMR shaking hands before the Super Castlevania IV race at AGDQ 2015

This is the room where they streamed the event at.  In the room they had 2 big screens setup for the audience, behind the screens were the players of the race.

Castlevania 4 Big screen at AGDQ 2015

6 months later I attended SGDQ 2015 and on July 30th I did a solo run of Super Castlevania IV done below:


1.5 years later in January 2017 I did a 2 player race of CV4 with JoeDamillio, here is that race:





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