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Hanamura Map Guide
( FP's Overwatch Strategy Guide )

Hanamura is a point capture map located in Japan and is the homeland of Hanzo and Genji.  The attackers start in the downtown area of the map with a arcade, restaurant and a street view, then it moves into a temple shrine type area (capture point "A" & "B").  The map takes place during the fall as the trees have colorful leaves that are falling from them and overall it is a very peaceful setting.  Hanamura translates to Flower Village:  "Hana" = flower, "mura" = village.

In the future this guide will be expanded with many strategies and guides, but for now take a look at these maps that will help you memorize where everything is at within Hanamura.

Top down view without location markers:

3d view of starting area:

Capture "A" Area:

Global Area of Entire Map:

Area between "A" & "B":

Capture "B" Area:

Source:  I did not make these maps, they were made by Orhin_InsaLan from reddit.





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