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Members AreaUnlock Furious Paul's FULL Overwatch Strategy Guide and become a member today to start learning all of the in-depth strategies, tricks and tips for individual heroes via easy to follow video map guides.  These video guides contain advanced strategies along with basic strategies to enhance your Overwatch gameplay so you can quickly climb the competitive ranks of Overwatch.

Along with these hero video map guides, you will also get access to several other important videos that can educate you on becoming a better Overwatch player (as listed below).

If you appreciate using my free Overwatch guide throughout my site and if it helped you in improving your Overwatch knowledge, then consider unlocking the full guide so I can continue to bring you the best strategies, tips, tricks, and guides for Overwatch.  The support is greatly appreciated and it only motivates me more to continue working on these valuable and educational guides over time.

In case you didn't know, all the GREEN links throughout my Overwatch guide are links that take you to a free guide, while LIGHT BLUE links are links that take you to a members area only guide.  By purchasing a membership you will have access to all of these light blue member area links throughout my Overwatch guide.  You will also have access to an ongoing supply of new strategy guides for Overwatch as they become available.

As of right now, this is currently the full list of members area guides you will get access to immediately after purchase:

Hero Specific Member Guides (Synergies):

Each Hero Specific Members Guide contains a full synergies guide and ultimates visual for enemy and ally differences.  Some may contain additional info depending on the hero you choose and eventually full video guides for each map will be available for most heroes overtime.

General Video Guides:

ULTIMATES Visual/Audio Guide - This video guide shows exactly how both enemy and allied ultimates for each hero look and sound like, so you will understand the difference between the two while playing.
Footstep Sounds Guide - Footstep sounds from all heroes along with their crouching sounds.  This will better educate you on which enemies (or allies) are near you by just hearing their footstep sounds.
Actual Weapon Reload State Video - Knowing exactly when each gun gets reloaded is important to know for efficient use of abilities and melee attacks.  When properly learned, you can reload your weapon and then instantly use an ability or melee attack for better efficiency.  This video educates you on these precise times of actual reload.

Damage (DPS) Charts:

Overwatch Hero DPS Charts - These charts give you a better understanding of how powerful each weapon in the game is compared to other weapons.  I test various methods of using weapons such as pulse shots for weapons that use recoils (such as Soldier 76's Pulse Rifle or Bastion's Recon gun).  Things like Zarya's charged up weapon DPS differences and Sentry Turret DPS for example.  I also provide a video source link for each and every individual value that was tested, to show you exactly where these values came from.

Hero Specific Video Guides:

My specific hero video series are well thought out and researched thoroughly for every map in Overwatch.  They are jam packed with valuable info on how to play each hero superbly for each map.  After watching these videos you will have a much better understanding of all the cool tricks and things you can do with each hero for all the maps.  Even if you are an experienced player, you may pick up on stuff you never knew before as I do thorough practice and research to find the best possible solutions for each hero.

Genji Mobile Possibilities - These videos demonstrate Genji's mobile possibilities across ALL maps.  This includes places where Genji can Swift Strike and wall climb for useful shortcuts and you will be better educated on how to flank better with Genji.   Click Here For a FREE SAMPLE (on Hanamura)
Widowmaker's Best Sniping Spots & Venom Mine Placements - These videos show the best sniping spots and specific places where Venom Mines can be placed at across ALL of the maps.  Click Here For a FREE SAMPLE (on Kings Row)
Best spots where Sentry Turrets and Teleporters can be placed at - These videos show the best spots where Symmetra can place her Sentry Turrets at for best efficiency along with best places for Teleporters as well.  Being armed with this knowledge will help you be better with all heroes in the game.  Please note that I am currently working on the Symmetra Videos and I currently have Dorado, Route 66, Watchpoint Gibraltar, Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, Volskaya Industries & Hollywood finished.  The rest of the maps will be ready soon.  Click Here For a FREE SAMPLE (on Watchpoint Gibraltar)

Future Planned Member Videos:

My members area is a work in progress and I will continue to make more in-depth map strategy videos for most heroes in the game (maybe all later).  I will keep them all updated overtime when new strategies are found.  As of right now, Genji and Widowmaker are finished and is available.  Symmetra is currently being worked on and will be fully available soon too.  Here is the future planned videos in the order I plan on getting them done:

  1. Torbjorn - Good spots where Turrets can be placed at effectively across ALL maps.
  2. Tracer - Places where Tracer can use her Blink ability for shortcuts across ALL maps.
  3. Bastion - Best places where Bastion can setup a Sentry across ALL maps.
  4. Mei - Spots where Ice Walls can be used for shortcuts across ALL maps.
  5. Bastion / Mei - Efficient spots where Mei can use her Ice Wall ability to lift Bastion upwards to setup a Sentry across ALL maps.
  6. Lucio - Wall skating shortcuts across ALL maps.
  7. Hanzo - Efficient places where you can fire a Dragonstrike through walls and useful spots where Hanzo can fire Sonic Arrows to see enemies effectively along with efficient places where Hanzo can climb (shortcuts) to reach places to shoot at across ALL maps.
  8. Junkrat - Places where mine jumps can be used for shortcuts, places where the mine/trap combo can be used effectively, and how to aim the Frag Launcher in certain spots for better effectiveness across ALL maps.
  9. Reaper - Efficient places where Reaper can Shadow Step to across ALL maps.
  10. D.va - Great places where you can do a Self-Destruct launch at across ALL maps.
  11. Reinhardt - Exact places where Reinhardt can Charge to get back to the fight faster after dying across ALL maps.
  12. Winston - Interesting uses and shortcuts for Winston's Leap ability across ALL maps.
  13. McCree - Efficient spots where McCree can use his ultimate Deadeye at across ALL maps.
  14. Pharah - Specific places or positions where Pharah can use her ultimate Barrage at, along with places where she can use her Jump Jets for shortcuts.

Overwatch is going to be expanding in the future with more heroes and maps from Blizzard, so I will have plenty of work to do for you as we go into the future.

What you see above may look like a short list, but there is a lot of things covered here.  Overwatch is going to be expanding in the future with more heroes and maps from Blizzard, so I will have plenty of work to do for you as we go into the future.

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